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3 Bad Paint Problems And How To Fix Them

May 11, 2019

3 Bad Paint Problems And How To Fix Them

Painting is simple, right? Just slap a brush over the wall and bish bash bosh you’ve got a beautiful room. Not quite. It’s surprisingly easy to make mistakes when using the thick stuff, even if you’re a seasoned decorator. Not to worry though, the last thing you should do is panic, almost every painting mistake is easily fixed with a bit of work and knowhow.

  1. It’s the wrong shade!
    There’s nothing worse than splashing out on a nice big pot of paint and spending all day doing a room up, only to step back and notice that the shade you bought doesn’t actually look nearly as good as you thought it would against the furniture or with the light. You can always paint this over of course, but there’s a simple and cheap way to make sure you always get the right shade every time. Testers are your best friend when it comes to painting!
  2. You can see the brush marks
    That paint looks perfect, just as you imagined it. Except, it’s dried and you can clearly see every singlebrush stroke you made doing the entire thing. Sometimes, decorating can make you want to pull your hair out; but all is not lost yet. Lightly sand the affected areas and get to painting again, but this time make sure the paint doesn’t dry before you finish. If possible, get two people painting as that’s a lot quicker than one- and always make sure you finish a whole wall before stopping!
  3. The edge tape ripped extra paint off
    There’s nothing like the smug feeling of getting a perfect line on the edge of the wall, painter’s tape is perfect for helping get this result every time- but sometimes this can pull off extra paint with it’s removal. If your tape is doing this make sure not to leave the tape on for too long, the paint should be dry- but not too dry! If you do end up ripping extra paint off, the only way to solve the problem is to re-paint, so make sure you remember to remove the tape quickly enough the second time!

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