3 Simple Sofa Design Trends And Why You Need Them

February 08, 2019

3 Simple Sofa Design Trends And Why You Need Them

It might be tempting to pick your sofa willy nilly based on what you like. But ah, there’s the small matter of what’s on trend right now. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here’s 3 super simple sofa design trends you should be looking out for.

  1. Block colours
    70s-esque patterns and styles are very much in at the moment, but gone are the days where that would apply to the humble sofa. Block colours are everything right now, and on top of that we love a good semi neutral shade. Making a blend in colour such as beige or charcoal pop out and look fabulous without ruining the rest of the room, textures are not only soft to touch- but also soft to look at!
  2. Corner sofas
    Small space? No problem. Corner sofas are the perfect way to get around having more sit down area without having less stand up space. Pile ‘em with cushions, or don’t- but there’s nothing better than curling up to a nice soft corner sofa at night. The windsor double corner is a perfect example of just how much low-cost extra sofa space you can fit into a small room. Amazing!
  3. Footstools
    Who doesn’t love putting their feet up on a nice and soft “feet sofa”. Feet need love too, you know! Not only are footstools super comfy, but they’re also oh-so gorgeous, bang on style and create the perfect visual break for that odd little cranny in front of the sofa.

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