3 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Bathroom

January 31, 2019

3 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Bathroom

You use your bathroom daily and it’s just as much a part of your home as all the other rooms. But does it really hold up to the same beautiful standards? You don’t have glass walls in your bathroom (for good reason!) but it’s still a space you should enjoy and feel good in! Here’s 3 tips and tricks the experts always use when tackling a lousy loo.

  1. Bust out the magic carpet
    Abracadabra. There’s not many ways to add bright fabrics and texture to the bathroom, as everything in there not only has to withstand water but also has to be slip proof. The bath mat is the exception to boring norms, go wild with colour *and* texture and add a touch of magic to any dreary room.
  2. #EXTRA walls
    Looking for a quick and easy way to make a big impact without having to shell out on new fixtures? You’d be surprised what a quick coat of bright paint can do for an otherwise boring little room. We love relaxing natural blue or green colours, and these deep colours can have an even greater impact if only on one side of the room.
Fun and funky storage
Chuck those basic and boring storage baskets out with the bins. If you’re going to use storage, don’t hide it or put it to the side. It can be a lovely little creative DIY project to revamp baskets and containers into innovative storage solutions. We love makeshift shelving in bright colours and bold shapes- guaranteed to make any room more fun.

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