3 Things to Throw Out Before 2018 Is Over

December 15, 2018

3 Things to Throw Out Before 2018 Is Over

Hoarding, we all do it. But you don’t need us to tell you that Christmas pictures look 10x better without the clutter in the back. Christmas time is the worst time of the year for keeping clutter free, there’s just so much stuff, and it piles up. Everywhere. Urgh. This year, why not take some time before the wrapping comes off, to sort out old clutter and banish the dreaded new year cleanup. We’ve collected the top 5 things that are often left lying around til January, every year!

  1. Instructions
    It’s good to keep instructions when you get a new product, just in case you encounter anything that bamboozles you. But for an entire year? If you’ve not needed it so far, you’re not likely to need it in the future. With Google and YouTube around, there’s little need for that much paper nowadays. Empty the great instructions drawer, and take a nice deep breath of relief.
  2. Old beauty products
    When Aunty Brenda handed us her Christmas present, the very same skin lotion brand she has used since a girl, we smiled and laughed and thought, wow, what a story. But did we use it? No. Are we ever going to use it? No. It’s time to throw out old makeup and creams that we used once, the year we got it, and never again.
  3. Broken holiday decorations
    We’ve been meaning to fix them; for the last 3 years now. Maybe they’re not our style, maybe we just don’t have the time anymore. It’s time to move on and get rid of those creepy headless nutcrackers.

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