3 Times A Full-Sized Sofa Wasn’t The Answer

May 21, 2019

3 Times A Full-Sized Sofa Wasn’t The Answer

There are times in life that a nice big sofa and a pile of cushions are just what’s needed in a home, but there are also times when that’s not the case. As much as we all love sofas, a well decorated room doesn’t necessarily need the biggest seating available! There are some circumstances, whether because of style, cost or practicality, that mean a big sofa isn’t the answer. There’s no shame in settling for something more fitting. Here are 3 of those circumstances:

  1. You have a small room
    As lovely as a full-sized sofa is, small rooms aren’t full-sized, so it makes sense to downsize the largest piece of the furniture in the room too. In this case, it’s important to downsize relative to the size of the room. Pick small sofa styles or non-standard sizings, but always make sure to measure and check it fits beforehand! To get an idea of the space your sofa will take up, place chairs on either side of the measurements.
  2. You have a very large room
    No, we don’t suggest you get an extra large sofa in this case! Logical as it may seem, having a larger room is actually another reason to join the smaller sofa club. Match several one or two seaters together to bring together a large space and make it more homely. Pair with a fun centrepiece, such as a table, design statement, or rug- and you’ve filled the bulk of the room already, which means you don’t have to splash out on extra unneeded furniture!
  3. Your room isn’t a rectangle
    We’ve all experienced those weird rooms that, for whatever reason, don’t quite follow the norm. As much as we love balcony windows and attics, it wouldn’t be right to treat them just like the rest of the home. Again, small is best here, the Fulham leather 2 seater is justthe right size for a comfortable reading nook or corner.

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