3 Tips For Making Sure Your Child’s Bedroom Ages Well

May 21, 2019

3 Tips For Making Sure Your Child’s Bedroom Ages Well

It’s easy to make a great children’s bedroom, but sometimes you don’t have the budget or time to update the room as your child gets older. Instead of leaving your teenager embarrassed to bring friends home, ditch the lego and go for a more timeless look that your child can grow in to and be proud of throughout the years. Here are 3 tips for getting that look just right.

  1. Keep it neutral but fun
    Your child might love the colour pink now, but don’t plaster it over everything in sight just yet. Keep the main colours of the room, including the walls and ceilings, neutral. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of colour and fun in the room, but fabrics are a much safer way to achieve this. Fun cushions and sheets can be easily swapped out as your child grows older and their tastes change!
  2. Practicality comes first
    Tempting as it is to be fun and unique with furniture now, your child will probably need more solid storage space as they get older. It’s important to be practical above everything else, so stick to interesting details, colours and shapes rather than compromising on practicality.
  3. Avoid being too adult
    This doesn’t mean you should bust out the toy themed decor, but keep it trendy, cool and interesting. No child wants a plain and boring grown-up room, but adding a bit of sophistication isn’t the end of the world. If you find your design looking a bit too grown-up, try adding some fun patterned wallpaper to the ceiling!

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