3 Top Secret Hacks For Renters

February 20, 2019

3 Top Secret Hacks For Renters

Renting can be frustrating, sometimes it can even feel like you have no control over your own home. But fear not, there’s workarounds for even the most particular landlords. Here are 3 sneaky tricks the pros normally keep to themselves; revealed to help you decorate a rental without breaking the rules, or the bank!

  1. Covers
    Fake wallpaper is everywhere right now, and, just like the real thing- it looks great. If you can’t get enough of, what we’re calling “peelable gold”, you’ll love the window covers available. Not only that, but there are so many beautiful fabrics that can be used as rugs, drapes or even just fancy wall covers. The best part? It’s all damage free!
  2. Plants
    Living, beautiful and oh so versatile, the humble plant is often forgotten in the mess of moving in. Whether you’re a long time lover of greens or a “do they absorb human food” sort of person, loading up your rental with plants is the perfect way to disguise and hide the things you want to change. Ugly partition? Plant. Leaning shelving? Plant. Need a new boyfriend? Plant. Okay, maybe not that last one.
  3. Tape
    There’s nothing worse than being in a super strict rental where you can’t hang art, photos or mirrors. But hold on a minute, it’s not those specific things that you can’t do, it’s those pesky nails. Tape is your best friend here! Look online or in any large DIY shop for rental friendly picture frames, or- just make your own!

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