3 Ways To A More Relaxing Bedroom

May 13, 2019

3 Ways To A More Relaxing Bedroom

Unless you’ve got a sauna, your bedroom should be the most relaxing room in the house! Take a good look around and remove anything that could be stressing you out, such as clutter or work- and embrace what’s left. There’s no shame in enjoying layers of fabrics or the most expensive scented candles! Finding yourself a bit too awake at night? Here are 3 ways you might be able to overcome the feeling just by switching up your bedroom!

  1. Invest in a bedroom sofa
    There’s nothing more calming than sinking into a nice soft sofa after a long day. In fact, who needs a long day, there’s nothing more calming than a soft sofa at any time! And as it so happens, we know our sofas! Opt for a small and dainty loveseat, with a soft fabric such as velvet. Avoid bright colours or anything that would stand out across the room when you’re trying to sleep; the Wandsworth VIP 2 seater is the perfect choice, you’ll thank us later!
  2. Texture it up
    What does the comfiness of the sofa and the comfiness of the bed have in common? Fabrics! We can’t help but feel more relaxed when there are fabrics knocking around the room, even if we can’t curl up into them right at that moment. Seeing texture is a big step towards being more relaxed, and any step is worth it for your sleep! So, get the fabrics out and get comfortable!
  3. Light it up
    Having enough light during the daytime is super important for feeling good, studies show that our mood is even worse on average during the winter- just because of the weather! Make sure that your bedroom gets a lot of light while it still can, and then when the sun goes down- bust out the candles and dark colours for an easy sleep when you finally nod off!

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