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3 Ways To Jazz Up Your Stairs

December 26, 2018 1 Comment

3 Ways To Jazz Up Your Stairs

For some reason when decorating we frequently forget the area that’s often the pinnacle of our daily lives. We pass over it constantly all day, see it every time we change rooms, but the humble staircase barely gets any love in design today. We’ve collected 3 ways to add some excitement to the often boring centre of your life.

  1. Rip the carpet up
    Come on girl, it’s a pain to clean, it’s dull, ugly and bland. It’s time to go. Don’t worry if your stairs aren’t nice looking wood underneath there, wooden plating can look just as amazing on stairs. Invest in some beautiful and soft stair runners to keep your feet warm and soft while you’re walking around your house, but still enjoy the benefits of wood. When your runner gets dirty, simply toss it in the wash and sit back and laugh at those with carpets!
  2. Make use of a corner
    Some stairs don’t have bends, but when they do, don’t just ignore the extra space, make use of it. Whether it’s a rack for hanging coats, shoes or storing items or a lamp or chest. There’s tonnes of ways to use that extra space without running out of room to actually use the stairs.
  3. Pay attention to the bannister
    Another thing we often ignore is the bannister, but there’s lots of ways to make this small part of the stairs more stylish. If you go to any basic hardware or DIY shop there’ll be loads of different options for handrails, from fancy ends to things to stick along the way. But even if you can’t afford the professional stuff, don’t be afraid to get out the paint and tape and express your style your own way.

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