3 Ways to Look After Your Sofa

November 27, 2018

3 Ways to Look After Your Sofa

Got a beautiful new buy for your living room? Why not give it a little kiss next time you have a sit. That’s right, your sofa needs love too! We’ve collected 3 handy tips and tricks on how to make sure your soft and snugly friend will continue to give you *the best* warm cuddles all winter! Take it from the experts, you get what you give!

  1. Gently wipe the surface down
    Stop right there, gradual staining! All sorts of nasties in the air and on dirty fingers settle on fabric. Overtime grime can work its way into the material of the sofa and unfortunately you can’t just chuck it in the washing machine. Every week, use a clean cloth and wipe around all sides of the sofa. Depending on the type of fabric your sofa’s made of you may be better off with a damp or dry cloth.
  2. Vacuum
    As much as we try and avoid munching biscuits on the sofa, sometimes we just can’t resist. And even if we do somehow manage to avoid the dreaded crumbs, somehow bits of dirt still magic their way into the cracks and curves of the sofa! Use the gentle and soft end of the vacuum on a low setting, otherwise you risk damaging or even discolouring more sensitive fabrics! Lift back cushions and flabs of fabric and take special care to focus on collections of dust and dirt in seams.
3. Prevent stains as they happen
There’s nothing worse than watching, as if the whole world is in slow motion, a wine glass tip and wine splash all over the sofa! But don’t panic, it may not all be lost. As quickly as you can soak up any excess liquid that hasn’t soaked up into the fabric, make sure to remove any pieces you can to stop any spread to other parts of the sofa. The quicker you clean the area the better the chances of avoiding a stain, but always make sure to use the correct cleaning fluid for the fabric, otherwise you risk making it even worse!

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