5 Reasons You’re Doing Wallpaper Wrong

December 12, 2018

5 Reasons You’re Doing Wallpaper Wrong

If you’re battling with wallpaper paste and decorators and, let’s be honest, pure hassle, this is for you. Two words. Removable wallpaper. A godsend for any decorator or pattern lover. We’ve collected 5 reasons you need to rethink your life, and switch to the stick-on stuff.

  1. No expensive or nosy professionals needed
    Tonnes of money saved, right there, off the bat. Not to mention way more freedom and creativity in where and how you apply your wallpaper. Designing our own patterns, here we come!
  2. No commitment needed
    With so many styles available it can be confusing which one would be best for a wall, but don’t worry, removable wallpaper has your back. If you don’t like how something looks, if it’s clashing with furniture or just doesn’t fit the vibe, it’s as easy as peeling it right off and trying again. I sense renters squealing in their seats!
  3. Super simple
    We remember the days where we had to think about decorating, no longer. Got a patterned chair, cushion, sofa or cover? There’s a wallpaper for that, and not only is there a wallpaper for that, there’s one that fits right on and comes right off.
  4. Christmas friendly
    Christmas decoration is a nightmare. Apart from the odd wreath, walls are often completely off limits. Hahaha! Not with removable wallpaper. There’s loads of super cute Christmas themed temporary styles that can go up over the holidays, and be down for new year! Finally!
Not just for walls
Wallpaper can be used on lots of different surfaces, not just walls. But if, like many people, you’re far too scared to try out chair back print or cupboard blocks- stick-on wallpaper has you covered! Professional statement features are a doddle when you know if it looks naff, it can just be removed. We love adding patterns behind pictures, shelving and mirrors for a detailed but fun look!

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