5 ways to add life and comfort to your living room

August 03, 2018

5 ways to add life and comfort to your living room

Sometimes we all go a bit overboard on a redo, and it can feel like you've just redone away all the things that made the room special. Here are 5 tips and tricks to adding the homeliness back into your home.

  1. Just the thing when a design is feeling too cold, a little bit too in the lines, is some art or a painting to add some character back and to make the space fun and different. Even better this is the perfect opportunity to impress your nan by finally putting up that family picture you've been swatting off for so long! No? Jokes aside, anything that you personally picked out is a must for adding the personal touch to a room.
  2. Although it may seem a bit cliché, a fireplace or fake fireplace automatically raises the room to feel warmer and cosier and just blows away that empty showroom feeling.
  3. Sometimes the only thing a room needs is bit of physical comfort, soft and welcoming textures can be added by using fabrics, cushions or by swapping your old sofa out for something softer.
  4. Sometimes just a splash of colour can change the entire feel you get when walking into a room. Here at the interior design team we're liking warm and friendly colours such as peach or red or dark flooring to reduce the size of the space and make it more cosy!
  5. Be easy on the lights; I'm not saying live in fear of that one unlit corner where you swear you saw a flicker of movement that one-time. But let's not quite go doctor's surgery intense lights, you couldn't be colder!

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