Colour Masterclass: 3 Warm Neutrals You Need In Your Home

March 16, 2020

Colour Masterclass: 3 Warm Neutrals You Need In Your Home

Comforting, calm and sophisticated – it looks like warm neutrals are here to stay in 2020. Here at Sofa Club, we recommend picking a neutral coloured sofa for your home, to keep it timeless, elegant and versatile.

We advise adding in pops of colour and patterns through things like your cushions, rugs, throws, art, plants and ornaments. Here are 3 of our favourite neutral colours for this year...


Stone is a warm soft neutral that looks great in any living space, both big or small. Against certain colours, stone can look like a very light beige, and sometimes like a very soft grey. Stone is grounded with umber pigments, so it never feels cold. It suits both modern, clean spaces as well as classical architecture. Our Stone Windsor Sofa creates an easy-to-live-with palette for all type of rooms!


Warm neutrals are ideal when it comes to making a room feel soft, cosy and inviting without looking overpowering. Perfectly muted and versatile, mink is a warm tone that is incredibly uplifting. It thrives with natural sunlight – for this reason it works particularly well in rooms with a sunny aspect. Warm tones like our Epping Mink Sofa combines brilliantly with taupes, golds, creams and oranges. 


Traditionally cooler greys have always been perfect for calming down busy and bold schemes, while enhancing minimal and contemporary looks. Embracing a neutral paint colour such as grey is a fantastic way of creating a minimalist base that can act as a versatile foundation for eclectic, colourful accessories to be added to. We love how our Charcoal Windsor Sofa looks perfect with a pop of silver and mirrored accessories to create a minimalist, contemporary decorating aesthetic.

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