Hallways Essentials You Need In Your Home

October 10, 2019

Hallways Essentials You Need In Your Home

Hallways can be a tricky place to style in your home. Usually small and often without much natural light, hallways are often given a quick coat of white paint and forgotten about, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By neglecting your hallway, you’re missing out on extra space - in terms of storage and to add some personality to your home. Got a lacklustre hallway? Here are 3 essentials that may even end up improving your entire home...

Multi-purpose storage

Let’s face it, there’s never enough storage in our home, especially for small things such as keys, crafts and shoes. Take advantage of an otherwise empty space by installing a slim and stylish, all-purpose cabinet or table. Not only will you never lose your keys again, but you’ll also have some extra storage space for when the rest of the house just doesn’t cut it!

A good rug

Decorating can be exhausting, but popping a snazzy rug, mat or runner down takes seconds and can instantly lift the mood of an entire space. Hallways tend to get a lot of traffic, so focus on durable pieces - especially if they can be easily washed and cleaned.

An eye-catching feature

We’re not just talking about paint here; it could be a mirror, a piece of art or even a statement light feature. Experiment with your favourite colours, shapes and styles to find out exactly what works in your hallway to give that extra bit of personality. 

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