How To Brighten Up A Rented Home

September 10, 2019

How To Brighten Up A Rented Home

Many renters would agree that one of the biggest downfalls to living in a rented property is the limitations on what you can do to the interior. Landlords will often have a long list of no-no’s, including not painting or hanging anything on the walls. This can make rentals feel a little soulless, which is the last thing you want when you need a space to feel like home. The good news is that there are plenty of handy hacks for brightening up a rented home and breathing in a little life without breaking your landlords rules. SO below we talk through some top decor tips for rentals...

Enhance Your Lighting

Lighting is everything when creating a mood, atmosphere and adding a bit of dimension to a property – and a comforting mood and atmosphere will instantly make a rental feel more welcoming. Incorporate statement table or floor lamps where possible, particularly in the areas where you kick back and relax such as your sofa and bedroom. Lower wattage bulbs will give you that lazy, evening glow that will help you wind down and chill. It’s also a good idea to invest in a candle collection, this will ensure that your space is illuminated and radiant.

Go Green With Plants

It’s no secret that plants and flowers are the best way to breath some much needed life into a rented home. Not only do they look cool and contemporary, but they will literally improve the air quality in your space. You can really have fun with your flower and plant collection, experimenting with different colours, textures and quirky vases and pots to accessorise. Places like Ikea and Homesense have a great collection of low maintenance plants for really reasonable prices.

Incorporate White 

The chances are that the walls and flooring in your rented house will already be a neutral shade. If they are white, then that’s great – it’s the perfect blank canvas to add a splash of your favourite colours and accessories to. If your walls aren’t already white, then it’s worth asking your landlord if you can paint them. After all, how much more neutral can you get than white? It’s the best colour to make a space feel bright, clear and airy.

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