How To Pick The Perfect Sofa For Your Home

June 25, 2020

How To Pick The Perfect Sofa For Your Home

Whether you prefer traditional or more modern interiors when it comes to your home, picking the perfect sofa is important to showcase your unique style as it tends to be the focal point of your living space. We're on hand to help you pick the perfect sofa for your home... 



You can never go wrong with a classic colour when picking your sofa; stone, beige, charcoal and cream are some of our favourites here at Sofa Club. These colours look great against a busy background, patterned wallpaper or panelled wall, and allows you to add in colour through things like your cushions and home accessories. 


The sofa in a living space tends to be the central, focus point. Because of this, you can pick a style that not only suits your living space but also your personality. The shape of the sofa is also important and needs to fit the type of room; if you are working with a larger space, a 4 + 2 seater sofa set could be the perfect style of sofa for you. In a smaller living space, you may want to opt for a smaller corner sofa.



Another important thing to remember when picking the right sofa is the way it feels. If you think you've decided on a good shade, and also happy with the style, now spend time thinking about the fabric! Your sofa is a big design statement, so you may want to go for a stunning chenille or distressed velvet fabric, or perhaps you are one that likes a graceland or cord material. The great thing about Sofa Club sofas is that the cushions are removable and therefore can be hand washed to keep your sofa looking brand new! 


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