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How To Rock Primary Colours This Summer

June 28, 2019

How To Rock Primary Colours This Summer

Greens and purples are great and all, but sometimes the only thing a drab summer room needs is a nice big helping of some good old primary colours.


In a world where pastels and blacks feature in most rooms, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine a life without our much loved colour staples. Keeping a room strictly to primary colours can be difficult, but we think it’s rewarding enough. Primary colours have a special kind of interaction compared to other shades. They’re fun and bold, and using them together certainly makes a statement. Summer 2019 is all about embracing new styles and colours, so there’s really no excuse for avoiding such a good looking combo.


Before you get out the paint and start slapping on the colour, there are some rules to this style. Natural materials, such as wood and stone go really well with all of these colours. But plastics, metals and some other materials such as marble go...not so well. In general, it’s difficult to balance this style with the mishmash of furniture found in the kitchen- so keep this look to areas like the living room instead.


Since the three primary colours are so different, it’s a good idea to pick one main shade and stick with it. Big fan of yellow? Great, that’s your colour now! Use the other two colours to highlight and add detailing to whichever main colour you pick. While this is a great way to get started on the primary colour trend, it’s not always the best way to go for every home. Don’t be afraid to use all three colours equally either. We love three walls painted in each primary colour for a bold and modern look to spice up a bland room. We think you will too!

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