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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are currently delivering and our complimentary assembly service has now resumed.

Rug 101: The Rules You Should Always Follow

July 27, 2020 1 Comment

Rug 101: The Rules You Should Always Follow

When we see a space that feels warm, cozy and pulled together, a big part of that is because there is more than likely a gorgeous area rug anchoring the room. They add texture and can be the perfect way to inject some pattern and colour into your design. One of the biggest mistakes people make with rugs though, is purchasing the wrong size. S today we are sharing a few guidelines to get that rug purchase just right...

Living Room

  • Always have the front legs of your sofa or furniture on top of the area rug to avoid making the space feel off-scale. A rug that is too small is a big mistake that people often make!
  • Try not to place the rug right up to the walls — allow for some space to breath around the perimeter as this will make your space look bigger.
  • Think about textures, materials and how those play into your lifestyle. You may want your rug to make a statement in your living room, in which case a colder colour or print wold suffice. If you are wanting the rug to help with making your room feel bigger and more spacious, a crisp neutral colour will be perfect for you. 

Dining Room

  • Make sure your dining chairs can all fit on top of the rug comfortably — again, this has to do with scale and size. Plus, you never want to struggle with legs coming on and off an area rug, making it hard to actually use the chair.
  • The area rug should ideally extend past the ends of the table about 8 to 10 inches on each side.
  • Material choice is important in this space, especially if you have a family. Washable or scrubbable materials, or a busier pattern will help hide stains, spills and dirt.


  • It all depends on the size of your room and your bed - try again to opt for a rug that is bigger than the frame of your bed so it is visible.
  • Another great configuration and cheaper option is having runners flanking either side of the bed - a popular trend for 2020!
  • Finally position your rug on the lower section of your bed - making sure that it extends the bed at least a foot.

Sofa Club x

1 Response

JULIET Mahlanze
JULIET Mahlanze

August 01, 2020

Thank you for your great advice. I’ve learned a lot. I’m looking for a dining room rug and thanks for the guidelines.

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