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Sofa Club Tips For Caring For Your Sofa

August 13, 2019

Sofa Club Tips For Caring For Your Sofa

If you like bold statements when styling your home, but don’t want to overdo a bright colour palette, a white, cream or neutral sofa is the perfect centrepiece for your living room (we have our eye on the Chessington and the Windsor).  Unfortunately, people assume that lighter coloured sofas can be more difficult to keep clean. Well on our most recent episode of Sofa Club TV, we let you in on 4 simple and easy ways to clean your sofa (Sofa Club style!) Watch below and have a read of some of our further tips underneath!


Use a handheld vacuum
Use a fabric softener spray
Use an upholstery brush
Use a throw for pets and animals

    Further tips on how to clean your sofa...


    Use a slipcover
    One of the reasons that sofas are so notoriously difficult to clean is that the body of the sofa is far too big to put in the wash. Get around this problem by having a separate cover, which can easily be removed and washed. If you’re extra conscious about making sure your sofa stays in the best condition, keep multiple slipcovers on-hand to be swapped in and out if there’s a stain.  
    Treat the fabric
    All it takes is a tiny drop of juice or red wine for a beautiful light coloured sofa to be ruined. Luckily, fabrics can be treated to prevent these stains before they happen. Treat your fabric with a stain guard and watch spills and stains bounce straight off. These are available online or you can get your fabrics treated professionally.
    Spot clean
    Time is of the essence when sofas are involved so it’s a good idea to have an emergency stain kit ready for when the inevitable spill happens. Be sure to keep an upholstery spot cleaner on hand at all times, as well as a clean cloth and some water. These can be kept in a small container and pulled out quickly if there was a  worst case scenario.


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