Sofa Club's Favourite Interior Trends This July

July 10, 2019

Sofa Club's Favourite Interior Trends This July

We are seeing some clear interior trends this month, so it was only right for us to share them all with you. From shiny finishes, outdoor furniture and new sofas - these three trends are definitely ones to take note of!


Taking the ‘Outside, Inside’ 
If you’re at all familiar with outdoor design, you’ve probably noticed that all of the trendiest decor features plants, natural materials and rattan furniture. This year, designers are starting to bring the outdoors, inside! Play around with plants, benches and swinging chairs in a living space inside to keep up with the latest craze.
The ‘Statement Piece’
 Not everyone has the same personal style, but whether modern or traditional, the hot and bright weather has the same effect on the interior design in your home. Gone are the days where furniture and decor were kept the same across the seasons; you can’t go wrong with an updated sofa (especially when they are affordable). A good sofa does more than just relax you, it also makes a cosy and calming space - perfect for lazy summer days and long hot summer nights. The Chigwell Sofa compliments the sun and the fun of summer so well, and looks even better when paired with a set of white linen cushions or a pastel coloured throw. 
The ‘Finish’
Golds, silvers and even platinum finishes are becoming popular to add that extra wow factor into a living space. High shine finishes are always pleasing to the eye and we’ll tell you a secret… they also make everything look much more expensive! No wonder Hollywood love the shiny stuff. Add these finishes with decorative mirrors, modern trays and stunning candles - we can guarantee you’ll be getting compliments on your home.
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