The Affordable Sofa Essentials You Need Right Now

July 29, 2019

The Affordable Sofa Essentials You Need Right Now

From catching up with friends to watching the latest episode of your favourite TV series, your sofa is an essential part of that experience. And as we all tend to spend a lot of time on our sofas, creating a perfectly snug yet stylish sofa environment should be a priority. If you haven’t already, invest in these 3 affordable sofa essentials to take your sofa to another comfort level.

Textured Cushions

Balancing just the right amount of ‘disorganised mess’ and ‘showroom ready’ can be difficult - but a well-styled yet practical sofa is worth the effort. Textured cushions are a fun, inexpensive way to stylise a neutral sofa. If your preferred look changes, cushions can easily be swapped out for a different colour or style. We are currently loving these playful and eye-catching cushions from Homesense!

A Side Table

A piece of furniture that is stylish and also makes your life easier are always a welcoming addition to any home. Minimalistic, monochrome side tables are the in thing right now, and are perfect for practical use like putting your cup of coffee on in the morning, but also look great 'dressed' with some faux flowers and a gorgeous smelling candle. At the moment, we are loving H&M's selection of modern side tables. 

A Throw

It may be summer, but sofa blankets are just as popular now, as they are in the winter. Most design experts agree that it’s better to focus on long-term trends, especially if you’re trying to save money. Pick a cosy, classic blanket that will work all year round, and snuggle up with it whilst watching your favourite film! A throw is a fantastic accessory to make your living room look like a well put together show home, and we are loving the selection at Zara Home

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