Trick of the trade: Layering white

October 12, 2018

Trick of the trade: Layering white

You've probably seen us singing the praises of white before, and I won't lie, we do it a lot! But it's not just a load of guff, white really is the daddy of all colours! If you're decorating and are unsure of which colour would be best for your room, or if you don't know where to start or what look you want to go for, white is a time-tested safe bet that works to highlight the best part of any area, quite simply, if in doubt-white! White is cool, calming, it brightens up any room, there's something about it that just gives a clean, crisp air without being too harsh on the eyes. You may be thinking, that's all well and good but I can't just have the entire room white all over, then there would be no difference, no excitement, no structure for my eyes to be drawn to. Well, the trick here is layering. And no, layering white isn't really layering white. By layering white we mean using various different colours and off-whites that are close to pure white-but not quite. While white can be energising in it's pure form it can also be disappointing if there's nothing for it to show up against, using creams, off whites or glossy whites to simply draw attention to each other and highlight the use of the white works to instantly soften a look and really bring it all together.

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