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50 shades of greys

September 28, 2018

50 shades of greys

Black, white and cream are classic colours that will never go out of style, but why do neutral grey combos get so little attention? No longer, grey is the new go to neutral shade and it doesn't have to be boring! From charcoal to light hues, nothing screams luxury more than a moody and adventurous way to shade and add colour and style without clashing with other colours! Grey works as a crisp and light backdrop to all shades of the rainbow, and, being the complete neutral colour that it is, smack bang halfway between black and white, whatever other colours are going to be popping up around your room you've no need to worry about grey causing any clashing issues!

Grey will blend in and work to hero both white and black as well as bold colours such as green or blue. So, what exactly should you consider when picking a shade of grey? The most important thing to think about is the lightness or darkness of the grey compared to the rest of the room, if your room is mostly whites, sticking say, a charcoal grey sofa in there might not work as well as a lighter colour such as beige. However, if your room has more of a dusk vibe, the charcoal shade might seem lighter against the backdrop and work to tie the room together more. It's all well and good picking your grey shade to match the rest of your room, but ultimately, you're going to have to live with it and if you prefer one particular hue then we certainly can't stop you!

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