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✓ Deep, medium density foam cushions with a top layer of fibre

✓ Durable long-lasting hardwood frame

✓ Stylish hand-made wooden legs

✓ 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty included

✓ Super-cosy scatterback cushions

✓ Available in two Velvet colours - Charcoal & Mink.

✓ Assembled in a room of your choice 

    For those in the know, imperfections are not just expected, but a desirable feature of velvet. Similar to how scarring & imperfections in real leather show the natural look, variations in shade separate velvet apart from more ordinary fabrics.


    Double Corner = L253cm L253cm D94cm H75cm
    (Seat cushion = 65cm x 70cm)

    4 Seater = L257cm D94cm H75cm
    (Seating area = 200cm x 70cm)

    2 Seater = L175cm D94cm H75cm
    (Seating area = 120cm x 70cm)

    1 Seater = L112cm D94cm H75cm
    (Seating area = 76cm x 70cm)

    Footstool = L105cm D65cm H50cm

    Double Corner = £799

    4 Seater = £499

    2 Seater = £399

    1 Seater = £299

    Footstool = £199

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    ✓ Our delivery team will fully assemble your new sofa for you in a room of your choice.
    ✓ All you need to do is inspect the sofa to ensure you are satisfied, sign to accept & enjoy!


      Double Corner = Comes in 3 parts:

      Part 1 = L159cm D94cm H75cm
      Part 2L159cm D94cm H75cm
      Part 3 = L94cm D94cm H75cm

      4 Seater = Comes in 2 parts:

      Part 1 = L128cm D94cm H75cm
      Part 2L128cm D94cm H75cm

      2 Seater = Comes in 1 part
      1 Seater = Comes in 1 part
      Footstool = Comes in 1 part

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      In order to offer amazing sofas at such great prices we preserve our precious fabric by offering colour swatches in digital form only. Below you can find high-quality closeup images of our Epping fabrics to match to your colour scheme at home.





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