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8 Decorating Must-Haves For A Well Styled Home

August 18, 2020

8 Decorating Must-Haves For A Well Styled Home

Sometimes decorating can be confusing, it can be hard to know what elements to use in a space in order to end up with a look you love. So to make it easy, we're breaking it down with 8 decorating must-haves for a well styled home!

  • Neutral Foundation: To ensure that you end up with a look that will last a lifetime starting with a neutral foundation is key. Making sure that your large purchases are neutral is also one of the biggest money savings tips because it makes any updates or changes so easy! 
  • Mixed Patterns: Learning to mix patterns is a great way to add interest in a space. Whether it's mixing up your cushions and throws, artwork or home decor, your space will feel anything but boring!
  • Layered Lighting: This is a great way to make any space feel inviting and cozy. Most homes come standard with an overhead light and adding recessed lighting and multiple lamps or other lighting options is key. It will instantly give your home that lived in look.
  • Texture: Of all the things, texture is probably the most important in my opinion. A space without layers of texture feels unfinished but adding in baskets, chunky throws and using items with varying textures will quickly fix that problem. 
  • Natural Wood Tones: Adding shades of natural wood tones in any space is a must! If you aren’t careful in things like white kitchens, for example, it can quickly start to look washed out but add in touches of wood elements throughout and it will create those layers that every room needs.
  • Greenery: We need greenery to not only finish off a space but to add interest and texture. Adding some succulents or faux leaf plants are great ways to up your greenery game even for those of us that have the dreaded black thumb. 
  • Books: This one somehow gets skipped a lot and we can't stress enough how integral books are to an entire decorating process. From stacking them on a bookshelf to using them for added height to a lamp, nothing beats a home with a good array of coffee table books. 
  • Get Personal: Adding in a few personal items are important, but make sure they blend well with your style! Incorporate things like family photos or prized finds from your latest trip and instantly make the space your own. 

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