U-Shape Sofas

The U Shaped sofa is rising in popularity and it isn't difficult to see why.

Contemporary, modern and stylish - our fabric U shaped sofas are ideal for big families or those who like to entertain guests.

U shaped sofas maximise seating space in your home and look stylish to boot. Make your living room look large and add a touch of trendyness to your home. The perfect blend of style and size for a price that's right!

U Shaped Sofas Made and Stocked in the UK

The best part about our range of U shaped sofas are that they are hand crafted in the UK, which means consistent stock and a faster delivery time to you than a sofa that is bought here but built and delivered from abroad.

Affordable Luxury U Shape Sofa Ranges

Our current range of U shaped sofas are made from comfortable fabric material.

The Bishop range of U shaped sofas can even be rearranged to make a corner sofa and two one-seater sofas with its modular design. You can add or take away the end pieces as and when the occasion in your home requires!

Our London range of U shape sofas have fixed seats if you prefer this style of sofa.

We have many more U sofa ranges planned including a sofa bed range as well as different colours and materials like leather.

Whatever your preference, you're sure to find your perfect sofa for the right price




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