How To Spend Your Bank Holiday Weekend In Lockdown

May 06, 2020

How To Spend Your Bank Holiday Weekend In Lockdown

While the days of brunch with your friends, afternoon shopping trips and heading to the gym to blow off Sunday AM’s cobwebs are well and truly behind us for now, it’s safe to say the endless days of lockdown can be making our weekend’s feel a little stale. The days seem to be blurring into one and it can be hard to differentiate weekdays from the weekend, so we want to make sure you have the best bank holiday weekend you can do during these unusual times! We’ve rounded up a few ways of how to spend your weekend in lockdown to mix up the mundane...


Painting is said to be therapeutic, which is just what we all need right now right? Get creative this weekend and put your brush to canvas (or paper if that’s all you have lying around). Or why not try your hand at painting your home and get some DIY skills under your belt! 


Take some much-needed timeout from reading the mostly bleak headlines right now by escaping from reality with a book of your choice. Whether it’s one of your favourites from the past that’ll bring you those feel good vibes, or it’s that recommended book you’ve had on your reading list for a while, the time is now.


If this has been on your to-do list for a while, there’s no better time than now. With so much free time on our hands, you can’t make excuses any longer. Get ready to go all out Marie Kondo on your space and give it a serious spring clean. It’ll have your mind feeling fresh too.


With all of us stuck at home, we’re seeing so many free online classes popping up on our social media feeds and this is giving us all the opportunity to learn a new skill. From online classes and workshops on improving your cooking skills to learning a new language, there’s never been a better time than now to take the plunge and learn something new!


As the weather is meant to be bright and sunny this bank holiday weekend, enjoy the outdoors and make the time to go for a long walk, sweaty run or bike ride with your isolation buddy! There is nothing better than starting your day with exercise, but doing it outside allows you to soak up some rays and get some well-needed Vitamin D! 


A fantastic way to feel close to your loved ones when we can't see them in person is FaceTime and Zoom! So why not each pick recipe and have a virtual cook-off to make you bank holiday one to remember! Pick cuisine, find a delicious recipe, and start cooking while on camera to your family, friends and loved ones. 

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